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. new information about this week's san francisco bay, what happened minutes before the tanker sideswiped the bridge. there is a colder system coming up. we have cooler temperatures
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coming in. barry bonds, what happened in just a few -- what will happen in just a few hours, it is all coming up. . it is wednesday january 9th, steve says changes. >> not yet, but tomorrow. temperatures are 20s and 30s and 40s but we have increasing clouds throughout the day and 50s coming up, more on the weather coming up here is sal. so far we have a nice start to the morning commute and the morning commute will be looking good on 880 and a lot of that road work has been picked up. let's go back to the desk. we are tracking a violent night in the neighborhood where
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police responded to both a shooting and a stabbing overnight. paul chambers is here to explain whether police believe the crimes are connected. paul? >> reporter: as you can see behind us, crime scene technicians are taking pictures of the scene and police say they have very little to go on after two separate crimes sent two people to the hospital. san francisco police say shots were fired in this neighborhood and the victim was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. we are being told that person was shot in the foot. now almost two hours later and after officers left the first seen this time responding to a stabbing. he had three stab wounds a asking people if they had seen or heard anything about either
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situation. they do not believe either crime is connected. once again they are on the scene taking pictures of the crime scene investigation and there is actually closing left behind and officers are working on cleaning up the situation and if we get any new information of course we will pass it to you. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 morning news. and vice-president joseph biden is holding a series of meetings on athe -- at the white house. tomorrow vice-president joseph biden will sit down with the national rifle association. coming up, the major organization which is turning down a meeting coming up. and they broke into the school of thieves.
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it was reportedly valued at $800,000 and stole some otheree terms as well. during the break-in they toll government facts. the crew of a huge oil tanker was warned and it was warned just before it sideswiped the bridge. however there is now cause to see if they didn't have time to react and they want to see if their equipment was working properly at the time of the accident. >> they will have two radars, electronic gps and navigators plotting the course. >> now the federal government has joined the inspection along with the safety board came to the bay area just last night
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and the bridge later this morning. he could make his first court appearance. investigators say oliver doused his girlfriend star lamar and set her on fire sunday and she is in the hospital with critical injuries to her face chest and neck. they are thinking about 11:00 our time, we are about to find out if the all time home run king, barry bonds has been put into fame. here is more. >> steroids and that would mark only the second time in four decades where that has
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happened. they must leave the area open for two of the most notable poster boys of baseball's disgraced steroid era. it has led to shunning in recent years. those ready to vote and all members of the organization can vote at any point. first time eligible, barry bonds, sammy sows and the only cy young award winner. >> for the first time mike as well convicted of investigating performance enhancing drugs. now on the player's record, the integrity sportsmanship character and contributions on the team will be voted on and
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thyroideus is cheating and that intern is street three strikes no matter what. so what happens if nobody is elected this year it will not affect character. in the meantime lance armstrong is the first to give that since the tour defrance and it will be broadcast thursday. lance armstrong may be getting reeled did i to admit he used performance enhancing drugs. armstrong has strongly denied that in the past and he has seven from october. they are running a trimmed holiday schedule. muni started service less frequently in late december. the reduced schedule saved the agency and they are now
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considering many in march when public schools are on spring break. >> do you know sal castaneda? >> yes. he knows what is happening in the east bay. >> yes we are starting in the east bay and on 880 westbound, traffic does look good, it is not a bad commute at all. we do have some commutes that are lighter than usual but both are good getting up to the bay bridge toll plaza and if you are in the san jose area, also looking at 880 and it's a nice drive. let's go to steve. we just want to give you a heads up and -- a heads up and you may say steve, it is only
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wednesday. so the colder air will be here, no doubt about it, a few systems are on the way and this is not a very dynamic system in the rain. the system could work its way and there could be some light shower activity and we are starting to move into the north bay. we have some people with motorcycles and you may want to take the rain gear to be safe. at 5:00 they move into the peninsular and into the south bay and this is a kind of hit and miss forecast. you can see everything is offshore and there in lies where it is going to be the most of the shower activity will be to the west. 30s and 40s on the temperatures and the temperatures have come up and they are going to be
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much colder as this system comes in later. increasing clouds, cooler temperatures, not much of a breeze but 50s on the temperatures, low-to-mid, towards the collar valley, it may be warmer but temperatures come out. more than likely, once it sets up it will be brisk and breezy. >> people in hayward are reporting a high number of burglaries, we will have more on what they are doing to reduce crime. good morning, westbound 237 is off to a good start and we will tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather.
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. welcome back, a huge fire in detroit, this is on the southwest side. just hours ago they started battling the flames from the air. they are not sure how it all started and about 50 people work at that pallet company. bill richardson said his congregation is pressing north korea about missile launches and also allowing people in north korea to have more access
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to the internet and cell phones. also they want them to learn more about nuclear tests and he is asking for fair and human treatment of an american citizen detained there. richardson is traffic willing -- traveling with him and they are asking for a humanitarian trip. the man accused of week key leak -- wick can i likes -- wikileaks is cutting his sentence. the judge said authorities went too far to confining him to a windowless cell 23 hours a day for 22 months. it carries a maximum sentence of life in prison for his charges.
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gun safety organizations are meeting at the white house. it is the beginning of a series of meetings vice-president joseph biden will hold to get suggestions on curbing gun violence. >> reporter: last month's shooting in newtown connecticut spurred a lot of meeting and this week vice-president joseph biden is holding a series of meetings not only with gun safety advocates but also the rifle association and other gun owner groups and the first meeting kicks off in just a couple of hours. the president wants vice- president joseph biden to come up with policy proposals later this month and president barack obama has vowed to move swiftly and they are including legislative proposals and executive action. mayor bloomberg is advising the president. >> all of us know vice- president joseph biden is not a shrinking violate particularly
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when it comes to crime and the gun problem in this country and the number of murders. >> reporter: vice-president joseph biden is not just targeting gun safety and groups, he wants to make sure they are involved as well. >> wal-mart was invited to attend assessing -- a session tomorrow but wal-mart will not be there due to a schedule willing conflict. -- scheduling conflict. thompson is part of the prevention task force. he said he wants to hear ideas about what can be done to make communities safer. it will be held from 7:00 to 8:30. people in north hayward are more visible these days. it is an effort to cut down on
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burglaries. especially around a street and mission boulevard. robberies increased last year and police are hoping their larger presence in those neighborhoods will deter criminals. three men accused of killing a homeowner may get the death penalty if they are convicted. they may seek the death penalty for three suspects who killed during a home invasion robbery in november. a 4th suspect is facing charges including conspiracy to commit murder and prostitution. police believe she had a relationship with him. they are banning medical marijuana dispensaries. they voted 4 to 1 in favor of a ban. it comes after a temporary moratorium that expires in april and a final vote is
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expected next month. they will announce a new law to develop better treatments for the deadliest forms of treatments like pancreatic and lung cancer. patrick swazi died after losing his battle with cancer in 2009 and that's at 10:00 this morning. 5:15 let's check back in with sal and it seems more people are commenting to me. they have to leave the house earlier sometimes. we are going to start in san francisco and pretty much everywhere is a good drive if you are trying to pete the crowd. that looks good with no major issues and it has been a nice drive. if you are driving on to the bay bridge toll plaza, it does
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look good with no major problems. and also, we are looking across the bay at 880 southbound, he told us there is less fog today than it was yesterday and that is certainly good news for drivers. concord livermore, we will keep an eye on things and it was really, really tough for some yesterday. thursday and friday, it will be rid of the -- we will get rid of the fog and we could have temperatures in the 20s. windy, possible showers late today into tomorrow and this is not really a rain system. tomorrow it is more of a cold system. but this system is turning cloudy and cooler with afternoon showers, possibly in the north bay and much colder tonight into tomorrow if we can
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get enough moisture. it is cold and that is holding more of a forecast than showers or snow. we will increase clouds patchy fog in the morning turning cloudy, cooler temperatures in the 50s and temperatures will crank up tonight. 55 should cover it, north bay and east bay, and coast bay and inland it is all the same. windy with a few showers, thursday and friday looks very cold, frost and freeze warnings are out. the weekend is sunny but breezy and very very cool. they are opening with small gains and overnight asian mark kid were the biggest gainer and they are trying to work flat
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for the day. and the largest aluminum maker in the u.s. is cautiously optimistic. alcoa boasted a $42 million profit and revenues exceeded expectations and alcoa typically kicks off the earning season. our futures right now, we want the very latest reading, they are indicating a pretty good opening across the board, for the nasdaq, s&p 500 and dow jones industrial average were all down yesterday and so far this year they are all up about 2%. short year so far but... >> yes. some fears of over crowding at connecticut schools. one person has an idea to increase the number of students at one school. a giant squid was caught on
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ever, a giant squid was caught on camera, they believe it is 10 feet long and you can see it grab on to a smaller squid scientists were using as abate. the discovery -- as a bait, the discovery channel plans on using this as part of the show. and they want to revamp standardized tests to focus on critical thinking in essays rather than multiple choice questions. they have to approve it first and if it is approved it will take affect in the 2014 to 2015 school year. a proposal to combine two schools sparked a protest last night. students who attend the creative arts charter school marched to the board of
5:26 am
education and they want to move gateway middle school into a second building on their campus. they say the school is not big enough to accommodate what would be more than 600 students. >> i am one of the classes that added a new 6th grade and we have barely any room and it is not comfortable. >> our 8th grader have been here since kindergarten and when you include an entire middle school with 300 plus schools, it is just too much. >> they will continue to meet with both schools and a decision whether to combine the schools will be accepted february 1st. he is out of an alabama jail after being arrested again. mcclain wears number 55. he was pulled over because of a window tint violation on his car yesterday.
5:27 am
police say they arrested him when he gave them a phony name. mcclain was released when he posted a $1,000 bond. this was not his first incident. he was or rested in 2011 for firing a gun near a man's head. bruce bochy will not be using a landline. starting tuesday, they will require wireless set up in major league stadiums and there will be antennas to send all of those calls, clearly. let's check traffic, good idea? >> i guess if it works, yes. >> sure. >> let's go and look at the commute, traffic is moving along pretty well, northbound 280 getting to highway 17 and
5:28 am
there are no major problems. northbound 17 looks good and 680 southbound off to a nice start and you will notice in my traffic pictures we don't have as much fog as we did yesterday. >> coach that bullpen coach -- half-moon bay things are changing 30s and 40s with increasing clouds and i think the cold air is the biggest torii, cool air today -- biggest story, cool air today and much cooler tomorrow. dave? news fans have been waiting days to hear is just hours away. and a press conference to talk about the latest break in at the oakland museum in californian and we will tell you -- california and we will hear about other similar break-
5:29 am
ins and similarities between the two. they are now launching a safety investigation, we will explain, stay with us.
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. well, good morning to you, it is wednesday, middle of the week, cold will be the bigger
5:32 am
story. some rain coming in, mainly on the coast, we had that east wind and now it is more of a northerly breeze and highs will be in the 50s. here is sal. traffic is moving well on the golden gate bridge and notice workers are coming down to the place do and -- plaza and they are coming down to the commute pattern and trucks are leaving the bridge. san mateo traffic is moving well, let's go back to the desk. a reward will be announced and they are hoping to recover a valuable artifact stolen from the museum of california. in oakland, there is more to tell us about the brick in and this is not the first time that museum has been hit, dave? it is normally closed month day and use it -- monday and
5:33 am
tuesday but before this open the gates they will open to the press and police and the mayor so they could talk about the latest break-in. it happened monday morning when the museum was closed for business. we do know the thieves got away with a valuable historical ornament depicting early california and sources say it is worth more than $800,000 and it was not the only thing taken. they have reported another item worth more and a single thief was seen inside the gallery. details are on the reward for that stolen box. this is a second break in and on monday, when the museum had been closed all day h- surveillance video shows a man
5:34 am
entering the second floor and stealing items and taking off. at alarm went off and thieves were already gone and nothing was recovered and no arrests have been made. this was not the only museum heist. thieves were dressed as he ninjas -- ninjas broke into mariposa, it was all caught on video and again they have a press conference scheduled for 9:00 a.m. and we will hear from police and certainly they want these given back. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 morning news. police are investigating a shooting and stabbing overnight in the neighborhood. a man was shot in the foot at about 1:40 this morning right near a housing project and connecticut street. two hours later a man was stabbed three times in the
5:35 am
chest and both victims have non- life threatening injuries and they do not believe they are threatening. investigators say the violence started when a tenant looked through his peep hole and saw somebody trying to break into his house. the man in the apartment picked up a knife and fatally stabbed the intruder who was carrying a fake gun. now this has shocked some of the neighbors. >> i was here home all day, i didn't hear anything. >> are they usually quiet, every night you hear the kid playing around but that's about it. >> reporter: the man killed had a long criminal record and it appears the tenant was acting in self-defense. in san jose, an investigation continues into a
5:36 am
garage fire which destroyed several cars and a boat. firefighters say huge flames were shooting into the area. the flames destroyed a corvette along with two other cars and a boat parked outside. the house next door was also damaged. firefighters say the first reports of a possible meth lab turned out to be not true. shark fans -- it is the news they have been waiting a long time to hear and the lock out is formally ending today. here is more on when the players will be back on the ice, jeanine? it is unknown when players will get to be here and he is eager to get back into the seat and 30 club owners will vote today on attentive agreement --
5:37 am
a tentative agreement and they were still working on one key piece of business that still needs to be settled. if all goes well, training camps can start sunday and sharks have been renting the ice facility to stay in shape during the last three months of the lock out. especially bars and restaurants have been losing a lot of revenue. one bar owner will be back and they plan on hiring more staff to hand the crowds. the number of games, there will be 48 games with 24 of them played at the hp fastville beyond. -- hp pavilion and they are thanking them for an official schedule. janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. they are looking to pull
5:38 am
them out and that's according to a national white house security adviser. some troops need to stay beyond to keep an eye on al qaeda. some lawmakers say it is about reputation around the world if things fall apart in afghanistan. things fall part if not for a leader enemies will march steadfast beside nder if they them. >> ahmed wali karzai meets with white house on friday. he is expected to testify about the strange behavior of the suspected shooter in the colorado movie theater massacre. 911 tapes were played and they discussed whether james holmes was confident to stand trial.
5:39 am
>> they say somebody is shooting in the auditorium. >> they are saying james holmes pretended bags on his hands were puppets and he also tried to jam a statement into an electrical outlet. what you are looking at may seem like a crime scene. they are preparing for the possibility of a shooting at school. they are looking at problems for the boeing 747 dreamliner. that is after a fuel leak and a battery for them caught fire. it happened in the bay area and it will make its first boeing 747 flight between san jose and tokyo on friday. >> all right, pam, let's see at is happening on the roads
5:40 am
and sal you are looking at the 0 toll plaza? >> yes, it starts to get busier and you can see traffic is moving along pretty well, there may be a small delay in some of the those outside cash lanes but that's about it. also the interstate 880 looks good southbound traffic is moving nicely and through the mcarthur maze area, there are no major problems if you are driving on the san mateo or dumbarton bridge. 5:38 let's go to steve. we are getting ready and forecast is not until late tonight into friday just so you know, freeze warnings have been posted in advance of this system. lows tomorrow, if the winds die down, there is no doubt about it and showers possible tomorrow. this system does not have a lot of moisture to work with.
5:41 am
already freeze warnings late thursday into friday and if they are not messing around they being the national weather service and that will be late tomorrow night into friday morning. our system is inching closer and a few showers are possible again. this is not a lot of moisture with this system but there is a lot of colder air. cloudy and cooler and showers are more likely favoring the coast and we will broad brush the whole thing and the cold air starts to see in. it will be windy and cold for a while. 30s and 40s on temperatures still some patchy fog and reporting concord, napa, santa rosa, not as much as we saw yesterday but it is still there. the cold air is on its way and it will filter in for a dramatic change in our pattern. increasing temperatures after yesterday's upper 50s and lower 60s but a lot of this cooler air gets trapped and
5:42 am
temperatures are coming down a lot tomorrow. again possibility of some splash and -- showers, the weekend looks -- flash and dash showers but the weekend looks sunny. they will place sandbags along the river to prevent more flooding. they filled thousands of sandbags yesterday. the creek flooded many homes and they will reinforce a levee along the drive. time now just about 5:41, an old california law which deals with rape. >> we are now probing -- prosecuting rape based on laws from years ago. >> they are talking about the challenges to getting this changed. they are talking about an abandoned house and the way it smells. good morning, san mateo bridge traffic looks good
5:43 am
getting to the high-rise and we will tell you more about the morning commute and bay area weather. ?v
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5:45 am
. patchy fog, increasing clouds, temperatures will cool down and much, much cooler and colder tomorrow. here is a quick look at some of the top stories at 5:44. san francisco police are investigating both a shooting and which happened overnight in the neighborhood. police say a man was shot in the foot at 1:40 this morning and two hours later a man was stabbed three times in the chest. police done think these incidents are related.
5:46 am
both victims are expected to survive. later officials in oakland are expected to announce a reward. they want to catch the thieves who broke into the oakland museum of california. they walked away with a box reportedly worth $800,000. and later today it is judgment day for barry bonds and we will find out if the king will be voted into the hall of fame but many will vote no because of his conviction in a steroids case. they will close a loophole in a one-year-old california rape law. the law makes it a crime if a man tricks a woman into thinking he is her husband and the loophole was used to overturn a rape in los angeles and in that case a man allegedly raped a woman while
5:47 am
pretending to be her boyfriend. >> we cannot protect a woman's rights in this 21st century and then what is next. >> they introduced legislation to close the loophole which passed in the assembly but the state senate never took it up for a vote. this morning he is back in jail in los angeles. a sacramento judge issued a new warrant after he appeared to -- failed to appear in court for reckless driving. they found him outside of his home and williams is also scheduled to appear in court in yellow county on a misdemeanor battery charge. controversial boy steve has once again been denied boy scouts eagles awards. he was turned down because he
5:48 am
was gay. he was criticized and was told he would be given a second chance and his supporters thought maybe he had won the battle but now the boy scouts say his latest application is denied -- application is denied because he does not agree about the duties of god. his father said he never denied his strong lutheran faith and he believes it's just a way to not give his son the award. a big step by the washington national cathedral towards marriage equality. colleges are preparing for the possibility of a school shooting. more than two dozen schools took part in the training yesterday in san diego state. the drill took place for months but the shooting in newtown connecticut gave it new
5:49 am
urgency. >> your heart starts beating and you start sweating and you can feel the urgency. >> this fall, all students will be required to attend a similar training exercise on how to survive a campus shooting. and it is being called a health hazards and -- a health hazard. they are getting a bad odor which is coming from a house and they say the trash is piled up to the window. this house has been abandoned for years due to a dispute between owners. >> it is an eyesore. >> neighbors say it will affect properties elsewhere and they say they don't have the authority to regulate the inside orienteer your of the --
5:50 am
or interior of the home. >> sal, what is going on outside? >> westbound 237 as you drive through and get towards the valley, you can see traffic here is looking good and there are are no major problems getting to 101. we are looking at interstate 880 north and southbound and we are watching for problems and so far it is just stop and go traffic. we are off to a decent start and there is a little bit of traffic, here is steve. much colder air is coming in and overnight lows will dip into the 20s for many inland areas, probably friday but it could happen again. this is not a very wet system, but it has a lot of cold air. increasing clouds, temperatures will be a lot cooler. turning cloudy cooler,
5:51 am
afternoon showers, then much colder tonight and then especially tomorrow. so very cold unsettled snow and the moisture is not a lot but if we could get some moisture, maybe up to 1,000 feet, it will go to thursday and friday. 40s on temperatures and some of these will be coming up a little bit. some fog in napa, santa rosa, not as much as yesterday but there are pockets of it. the higher clouds are a little tougher and we had clear skies, the system is beginning to work its way south and there is a possibility of showers towards the north bay. turning cloudy and cooler with afternoon temperatures. we topped out and temperatures are plunging and it may be sticking around for a while. may be a little bit of filtered sun and it's warmer towards the santa clara valley.
5:52 am
colder and wind arrives thursday and frost and freeze warnings are already posted late thursday into friday. now the weekend looks sunny but it will be very cool and very breezy. thank you steve. the giant insurance company received a $182 billion bailout from the government is now considering filing suit for that bailout. now the lawsuit claims the terms of the government bailout were unfair to share holders. some critics are calling the suit biting the hand that feeds aig when it was on the verge the failure. now target will refunds the difference -- refund the difference at a competitively priced store and it does not apply to all items. the products must be on the list that all of its stores will keep. they started shutting down
5:53 am
some of its games including petville and mafia wars 2. they said they will eliminate 13 games and it is all due to cost cutting due to laying off some staff. it is the first time in history. do you feel depressed? not you pam. >> no. >> take a look at what you drink as a possible cause of depression. there is a question of whether our weather is getting to hot in the u.s.
5:54 am
) 3 days of walking to give a break cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. whoo! you walk with friends, you meet new friends, and you keep those friendships. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful ♪ undeniable (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because everyone deserves a lifetime. visit to register or to request more information and receive a free 3-day bracelet today. ♪ building up from deep inside it was 3 days of pure joy. susan g. komen's investments in early detection and treatment have helped reduce breast cancer mortality
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in the u.s. by 33% since 1990. help us continue serving the millions of women and men with breast cancer who still need us every day. register for the 3-day now. (woman) it's just been an amazing, amazing journey. i love these people. ♪ and it's beautiful
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. good morning, patchy fog out there, 30s and 40s, increasing clouds throughout the day and it is generally cloudy with temperatures in the 50s. in australia, a temporary break may help battle firefighters and they are dealing with several fires across the country and there are more than 140 fires and many of them are still not contained. firefighters are raising to get them out later this week. they have already destroyed or damaged 100 homes. so far nobody has been killed but 100 people are not accounted for. 2012 was the hottest year in the united states on record.
5:57 am
the national climatic record says the average temperature last year is just over 55 degrees. that is wonderful degree warmer than the last record in 1998. the increases are happening a lot faster than expected and global warming and natural weather variations are to blame. the national institute of health finds adult who drink more than 4 cans of soda have a greater risk of depression than those who done consume soda at all. it's still unknown how the drinks affect overall mental health. same sex couples will soon be able to get married in washington d.c. it is the next step towards marriage equality. it is one of the nation's most
5:58 am
prominent churches and it's used to celebrate new presidents. is now a good time to use 280? >> it is and as a matter of fact we have been watching the south bay, it's a good time to get on the road and northbound 280 looks good getting up to 217. and on the sunole grade, passed mission all the way to the bottom of the hill there are no major problems as you drive down. let's go back to the desk. we have been following overnight house in, two violent incidents just 90 minutes apart and we have big questions the police are trying to answer. new news in the san francisco bay, what happened moments before a tanker sideswiped the bay bridge. some cold air is on the way and we will talk about the
5:59 am
timing coming up.

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